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Help your business to grow with Eastern developers.

Front end developers

Highly qualified specialists in using HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, Javascript, Vue.js, React, Angular and others.

Back-end developers

Highly qualified specialists in using PHP, Python, Laravel, Node.js, .NET, Javascript, Wordpress, PrestaShop and others.


Designers who use the newest trends in the sphere of design and rich imagination.

Our solutions


Affordable prices

Decrease your costs via our personalized offers based on your needs.              

Price and Quality

You get excellent proportion of price and quality for all kinds of developers.        

Your time zone

We synchronize our business hours depending on your time zone, if they are different.

High-quality code

Guarantee for high quality and secured code produced by our developers.      

Easy communication

You have constant contact with our developers through a convenient way for you.


Every information for your product is kept confidentially from 3rd parties.      

Our clients

Guaranteed satisfaction of your clients and partners.

Individual approach in consulting our clients so that we are sure that your are always satisfied.



Long partnership


Recommendations from clients


For us business means long partnership with our clients and their recommendation . Therefore we have individual approach towards every single client so that we are sure that you are completely satisfied.

Tell us about your needs and we will find the perfect solution for them.
Take your personalized offer now!

What we offer

Our main goal is to reduce the costs of developing an IT product.Therefore we offer our clients distant IT specialists or whole teams for the best possible prices.Providing everything necessary for normal workflow of our specialists.

Via various techniques and approaches we are granting you with easy communication with our developers in that number:
- Working hours combined with yours
- Daily report for the used time and work done regarding the project .
- Personalized solutions depending on your requirements .


Сontact us

Contact with us to receive your offer.



Choose the right candidate for your project.



Begin working and create amazing stuff .

Easy Outsourcing

Become part of our family

Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria

Veliko Tarnovo , Bulgaria

Our goal is to provide you with highly qualified specialists on affordable prices therefore we chose Veliko Tarnovo,Bulgaria.

In our research on the market for specialists in the country we had the biggest impression from the local developers.The talented individuals here are differing from the rest because of their confidence in their abilities and their ability of speaking and writing comprehensive English language.

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FAQ and information

Here you can find the answers of FAQ from our clients and the information you need . If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form or our email.

  • Individual solutions
  • Easy Communication
  • Communication in English
  • Variety of teams
  • Daily reports
  • Synchronized working time

Is there a test period?
YES! For every hired developer you receive 1 week of test period for which you do not owe anything from your side.
Is there a possibility for accumulating additional taxes?
The prices are fixed as per the contract , there are no additional taxes on top.
Can I hire a developer part- time ?
You can hire developers for full –time (8 hours per day) and also part- time (4 hours per day).
What is the level of protection of my information?
In order to be sure that the provided from you information stays protected ,we are using private and protected servers in which we store your information.The servers are designed with different levels of accessibility .
How I will communicate with the hired developers?
The communication depends on your choice and on which type of communication is the most convenient for you . Mostly we are using different platforms for direct contact with the developers also platforms for administrating the projects inside which you can directly assign tasks to our developers.
Why to choose outsourcing?
We offer you security in timely finished projects thanks to our highly qualified specialists .At the same time you have predicted monthly expense thanks to which you can plan your development.

Do you need more information?

Send us a message in order for you to receive the wanted information .

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You have a question?

Our operators will answer your every single question , do not hesitate to ask them.

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We are available Mon – Sat from 09:00am until 18.00pm. (UTC+3)





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